Every new year brings hope to everyone, and we’ve decided to draw a “picture” of how our favourite brand in the world is doing because we are hopeful of the future, of course.

We have chosen to have a look a bit of how Apple is doing in the business community, and we are not surprised to see that the iPhone (the latest iPhone 7) is not doing as well as they were expected it to be.

We didn’t “get” the new headphones, and it wasn’t nothing new because it was just a matter of a faster processor or a better camera if you compare it with previous models.

If you are an iPhone user, you may recall your “first”. It was unforgettable. That day when you unpacked the iPhone will remain in your memory for many years to come. We are not exaggerating; it truly was an incredible sensation to own one, finally.

In the other hand, if you are an Apple Mac Computer user is a matter of knowing for sure that you will be working with a stress-free tool. Yes, it is stress-free because the adverts do not lie. The MacBook Pro, iMac, MacPro, MacMini whichever you prefer and use is hard working and reliable.

Quite recently, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook had a pay cut due to the company missing its 2016 economic goals, is that surprising? Not really. Because we all agree that the Apple Mac Computer is a fabulous piece of equipment. Is no doubt on that. But how, do you get people into upgrading or buying the next model every six months or so?

But maybe the business goals weren’t achieved because the bestseller iPhone didn’t sell too well? Their net sales for 2016 were US$ 215.6 billion falling 3.6% of the US$223.68 billion target. You may think that US$ 215.6 billion is good enough? But maybe it’s not. The Los Angeles Times also reports that this is the first time since 2001 that Apple’s total revenue declined.

This could happen to anyone; the business must be in constant evolution but Apple’s got their customer’s support and devotion. The good times are coming so we are not worried.

The loyalty to the brand is not just because is stylish and lovely. It is because what is the alternative? Using a Windows PC maybe not, only because based on our experience there are many malicious websites trying to get into your data and you are never fully protected. Also, having Apple to look after your security online is very comforting.

Of course, if your Apple Mac Computer is slow and not performing as it should. There are alternatives to making it work again like an Apple Mac. Just chuck in a bit more of Memory Ram and a Solid State Hard Drive, and you’ll have a “fast” computer like it used to be.

We admire the resilience of Windows because it reaches to everyone in the planet or Linux that is maybe the grandfather of every Apple Mac out there. But, we would choose an Apple Mac Computer every time.

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