10 Things to do in Surrey this Summer 2017

The other day, a friend said: "Everyone has gone on holidays, I should think what to do with my children too". And she was right. What do you do, with your kids that won't break the bank? Remember, there are around six weeks of summer holidays. So you'd need to spread...

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5 Reasons Why your iMac is Running Slow

All Apple Mac Computers get old with time, and time affects everyone. This is true for all animals, human beings, buildings, songs, you name it. And with age, everything starts to slow down. You may notice that all performance slows down and tasks that before were...

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What to do over Easter in Surrey

Easter 2017 is here! So, you've got time off work to enjoy with the family. As we are based in Mytchett, Camberley - Surrey. We thought to give our customers information of what to do, meanwhile they can't come to our shop as we'll be closed over the bank holiday....

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Clean My Mac, Mac Computers Malware

When you do a quick research for Malware, Spyware or Virus that could harm your Apple Mac computer, you encounter mixed information. As a general rule, we know that is not possible to catch the same kind of virus a Windows computer might find. We call Malware to...

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Logic Board repairs

Logic Board Repairs JANUARY, 2017 Last Friday 20th of January, we've had a customer coming here to our shop in Mytchett, Camberley with a MacBook Pro Retina Display 15-inch late 2015 Model with a liquid damage. He quickly explains that he brought it like that, open...

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Apple’s shares drop to a five year low, buy anyway.

Every new year brings hope to everyone, and we've decided to draw a "picture" of how our favourite brand in the world is doing because we are hopeful of the future, of course. We have chosen to have a look a bit of how Apple is doing in the business community, and we...

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Buy a second hand (refurbished) Apple Mac today

It is all over the news; it is true Apple has raised the prices for all Apple Mac computers (laptops and desktops) in the UK. This means that MacBook Pro, iMac and MacPro are more expensive today than two months ago. And is not something like one or two hundred pounds...

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