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HARD DRIVE problems

Is your Mac taking a really long time to load? Do you see the rainbow wheel all the time? Your hard drive could be failing but don’t worry we can help. We can replace the hard drive in your Mac and get you back up and running in no time at all. If you haven’t experienced the speed of a solid state drive then upgrading to Solid state would make your machine feel brand new. The difference in speed is amazing!



The prospect of losing all your memories, photos, videos and important files is dreadful. We have successfully recovered data for hundreds of customers that trusted our service! If your hard drive has failed then we recommend that you stop using your device straight away. Please do not try to recover the data yourself or trust a friend to ‘have a go’ bring it to us as soon as possible. We have specialist equipment that helps us recover data from broken Mac hard drives. We can do recover data from your Apple Mac laptops, iMac, MacPro and MacMini. Our prices start to form just £75. We thoroughly assess your computer before doing any work. We also offer backup systems for your computer, just ask for details.

hard drive upgrades

If your Mac is running very slow and most of the time feels unreliable, its time to upgrade your hard drive! If you go to the Apple Store, they will suggest buying a new computer, but there is no need you can still use your trusty Mac for years by replacing your existing hard drive with the latest generation of Solid State Hard Drives. Prices for solid state drives has really come down, but now we can supply and install an SSD from just £120.00. Give us call today or bring your computer to our shop for assessment!