Logic Board Repairs

Liquid Damage or Accidental Damage repairs for Apple Mac Computers, down to component level. Free Diagnostics.

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We repair, not just replace the Board

Liquid Damage Repairs

It doesn’t matter what kind of liquid has damaged your Apple Mac Computer. We have them all, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, baby formula and even chicken soup! We can repair any model of Apple Mac computer, latest models or vintage.

Component Level Repair

We not only professionally clean the Logic Board on your Apple Mac computer. We will trace each component under a microscope and repair the board REPLACING the ones that are gone as a result of getting in contact with liquid of any kind.

Liquid damaged Apple Mac Laptop? Act Now!

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How much does it cost the repair?

We offer Free Diagnostics to all our customers. However, we can only say that every situation is different and we need to have a close inspection to know the extent of the damage. It could cost between £120 to £250 excl VAT.

It is any difference if its Coca Cola, Water, Milk or Chicken Soup?

We’ve had them all! We have to professionally clean the whole Logic Board and then trace each component to see where is the problem. All liquids are the same.

Can you really fix it?

Our Apple Certified Mac Technician has years of experience, and we put our knowledge and effort with every customer. Our success rate is over 95% so yes, we can!

What about my Files and Photos?

First of all, we will ask you if you’ve got a backup system. But if you don’t have a backup do not stress out because the Hard Drive should be just fine.

How long does it take the repair?

We usually carry out our repairs on a first come first serve system; however, when is a liquid damage repair we give priority. A repair of this kind can take a minimum of 2 to 4 working days it is a delicate process.

When do we need a Logic Board Repair?

When your Apple Laptop gets in contact with liquid of any kind, you need a professional and proper repair, not just a quick clean of the internal components. If your Mac is not turning on, it’s freezing, you don’t have an image on the screen. When the keyboard doesn’t work correctly or if it’s sticky (some keys won’t work. If the trackpad no longer functions smoothly and with precision. Do not delay call Apple-Bay.