Warranty and After Sales

Guarantees and after sales service

Any returns that are not at the fault of Apple-Bay Limited and have been requested by the buyer for inspection are entirely the responsibility of the buyer and not of Apple-Bay Limited. Any loss or damage to goods in these situations is not to be held accountable to Apple-Bay Limited and are the sole responsibility of the buyer. No refund or compensation will be offered if loss or damage occurs in this situation.
All products on this website are sold with a 1 Year warranty unless otherwise stated in the product description some models will say 90 days warranty (3 months).

We guarantee that the goods will correspond with the stated description and specification. More information on the Returns, Delivery Policies.
We guarantee that the goods will be of satisfactory quality when delivered by our carrier. More information on the Returns, Delivery Policies.
We do not guarantee batteries on any of our Laptops because they are classed as consumable items.
The terms of any manufacturer’s guarantee and after-sales service will be included in the documents accompanying the goods. We are willing to provide advice to you on the conditions on this website.

Your Refurbished product is covered by our return to base warranty. Should you have any hardware problems, please use the contact details at the bottom of this section as soon as possible. Please have your model number (which can be found on the back or bottom of your product) and your Invoice or Order Reference number to hand. To help our technicians, please be in front of the system with the power switched on, this will help speed up the fault diagnosis. We advise you to make sure that you back up your data regularly to avoid loss.

PLEASE NOTE: In case of Laptops (Mac Laptops of any model/Year) we do not give warranty on the Battery or Power lead. So, battery or power lead (charger) is not covered by the 1-year warranty or any length of warranty given at the moment of the sale.

Return to Base Warranty

You must first obtain a returns reference number by calling Technical Support, emails can help with fault diagnosis, but you may still be asked to call. Computers or devices returned without a valid returns number will be rejected.
Return to Base warranty warrants the PC system to the end user, against defects in hardware only (not software) and workmanship for the period advertised on each machine, either 3 Months  (90 days) or 1 Year, beginning on the date of purchase by the customer.
Under a return to base warranty, the end user is responsible for the cost of shipping the machine to us, and the packaging of the machine. We are not liable if the machine is improperly packed resulting in damage during transit. Please retain all the packaging together with any additional enclosures, manuals, software, as this will assist in returning the product in the correct packaging.
The warranty covers the hardware, and we will rectify the fault within a reasonable amount of time from the point it is agreed the machine has a hardware fault with our Technical Support team. Consumables such as batteries, ink, blank discs are not covered under this warranty neither is your PC monitor.
The Return to Base warranty covers only those defects which arise as a result of normal use of the product, and do not apply to any: Improper & inadequate maintenance or modification. Physical damage, liquid damage, screen damage (broken screen). Repairs carried out by non-authorised persons. Damage caused by lack of ESD protection. Software, interfacing, media, parts, or supplies not provided or supported by Apple-Bay. Operation outside the product specifications. Physical damage, accidental damage, neglect, or user abuse. Normal wear and tear. Consumables, i.e. batteries, ink cartridges, CD media, viruses or malicious software.
If there is no-fault-found or the problem has been caused by third party software, user error or physical damage and any of the reasons stated in section above, a no fault found charge may be applied, you will be emailed and phoned to confirm this charge within 7 days of the item being tested, you will also be charged return carriage for return of your goods.
Software purchased separately will be supported by the manufacturer of that software and not under this warranty.
We will not support or re-install software that we have provided pre-installed on the system; we will also not support third party software.
No refunds or compensation are possible due to system failure, loss of data, loss of business, repairs or delays in repairs.
The warranty applies to the original owner of the PC system and is non-transferable.
We reserve the right to repair or replace any faulty components. Faulty goods may be replaced with factory-refurbished products.
The warranty is void if there is any attempt made to repair the system by a non-authorised third party, or if the system is inadequately or improperly maintained or modified or if there are any outstanding charges. If the end user wants to upgrade, please contact the Technical Support department before upgrading for authorization to break any warranty seals.
All repairs and replacements will carry a 90 days warranty or the original warranty balance, whichever is greater.
We reserve the right to replace discontinued products that are still under warranty with the nearest equivalent specification product.
Your warranty covers parts and labour from the date of purchase until the expiry of the warranty, the length of your warranty is available on the product information page. We recommend that you print this document and the product that you have ordered, you should also print a copy of your receipt and keep this together as we may ask you to provide this information for a warranty return.
This document is not proof of purchase or proof of warranty, proof of purchase (i.e. Your Invoice) can be printed via the My Account section of our website.


Alternative products


If the product that you have ordered is currently out of stock, we will offer a suitable alternative. This alternative will match the original product specification or commonly we will offer a much higher specification product for the price of the original order. If you are unhappy with the alternative product then we will collect it from you at our own cost.


Important Contact Details


Please see the “Contact Us” section of our website for up to date contact information; this can be found at the top and bottom of every page, please make sure that you contact the right department for your enquiry.

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